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I just tried to geocode the simple address 'Tokyo' using Geokit 1.6.0 and the geocoder returned 東京都 instead of 'Tokyo'.

How can I ask that the Geocoder always return results in English?

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Are you using Could you post sample code? What does Geokit::Geocoder.provider_order return? – rossta Sep 21 '12 at 16:04

Geokit doesn't allow you to specify a language option (even if the provider you're using can take it). If you're using Google for your provider you can at minimum override the do_geocode method to accept a language option (example here).

Alternatively, I suggest using the Geocoder gem:

$ gem install geocoder
$ geocode 'Tokyo'
Latitude:         35.6894875
Longitude:        139.6917064
Full address:     Tokyo, Japan
State/province:   Tokyo
Postal code:      
Country:          Japan
Google map:,139.6917064

By default the Geocoder gem uses Google's geocoding API and the default language is English. But Geocoder takes a language option. Let's try Russian:

$ geocode -l ru 'Tokyo'
Latitude:         35.6894875
Longitude:        139.6917064
Full address:     Токио, Япония
State/province:   Токио
Postal code:      
Country:          Япония
Google map:,139.6917064

Here's a list of the languages and language codes Google's geocoding API supports.

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