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In Windows, using Cygwin: How can I get the shebang line in a shell file to load the PHP interpreter? I am using the prggmr library.

By default, in the shell file this is what I have


And it works if I type this into Cygwin:

php c:/path/to/file

I have PHP and this Library setup in my environment paths so I can just type prggmr. So by typing "prggmr" it should work, but i keep getting

/cygdrive/c/lib/prggmr/bin/prggmr: /cygdrive/c/wamp/bin/php/php5.4.3: 
bad interpreter: Permission denied

I have tried these with no luck, the same error as above:

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If I'm reading your Paths right you have a Win32 PHP installed that you want to use with PHP. Normally, I'd say don't do it this way as things are going to get confused. Better to install PHP in Cygwin directly imo. There are a few resources out there, check out this one for a good starting point.

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