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I'm writing a database application for desktop to save data, But some client aren't install sql server,mysql. So, I don't intend to use them. Is there any database management which does not need to be installed on client? example: what is the database managerment of everything(http://www.voidtools.com/download.php) Thank!

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use Sqlite. You don't have to install anything, just attach libraries to you application and that's it.

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What about http://www.sqlite.org/ ?

One file to hold data, and SQL enable to get them !

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You could use SQLite, which is a single-file database. It doesn't have any specific client requirements.

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If you are using a java web application you can use Derby DB. It is a simple jar and you need to specify the location of where the data needs to be stored.

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Take a look at vectors and linked lists. Those can be saved on any hard drive, in any location, as a text file. Then you can use socket connections to connect from any client machine to the machine with the data.

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try sql compact edition sdf file or ms access mdb or accdb file for more information about sfd file


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