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I want to make an application in JavaFX-2 based on two pages as "main" page and "extras" page. In the main page, I have added a Hbox function which includes a button named "extras". How do I define a second page and how can I set a hyperlink to the button (onMouseClicked event?), to refer to extras page? I could not find any examples on Mouse events related to this question. Thanks for help!

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edit: extras page will not be a "pop-up". It should appear with a transition effect like sliding. –  Hayri Akyurtlu Sep 21 '12 at 14:28

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Take a look at the JFX Flow framework - it seems to have the functionality you are requesting, with back and forward navigation and transitions between scenes.

I created a simple wizard implementation in response to a forum post which helps perform some of this scene to scene style navigation. I also created a small sample of animating sliding panes of in and out of the screen which I also created earlier. The code for the two concepts is not linked together, but the code is pretty simple so, it wouldn't be hard to link it.

There is a large source of Canned animations in the FXExperience project as well as plently of inbuilt Transitions in JavaFX.

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