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I have a list contains sequence of latitude and longitude, like (example)

  • [28.608329,77.198782]
  • [27.608329,78.198782]
  • [29.608329,79.198782]
  • [30.608329,87.198782]
  • [31.608329,97.198782]

I already got a code, that draws using 2 lant/long combinations.

I have to draw line/route (like in Google Maps/Navigation) using all this sequence of sequence of latitude and longitude. Is there any way available to do this ?

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Show us what code you have. – mydogisbox Sep 21 '12 at 15:29

You have X points

  • Solution 1 : Draw (X-1) routes
  • Solution 2 : Draw A Polyline with X points (example with MapPolyline (Bing Maps for metro style apps))
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Use the Shape Drawing Toolbox for the Bing Maps control:

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