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This seems like such an obscure question, but here it goes:

Is there a way to concatenate String Literals with a DirectoryInfo enumeration (which contains a file path) while adding quotations around the file path? Further, how can I prevent backslashes from being doubled when converting a DirectoryInfo enumeration to a string? My situation is as follows:

DirectoryInfo filePathDirectory = new DirectoryInfo(filePath);
Process a = new Process();

a.StartInfo.FileName = "C:\\Windows\\system32\\lpr.exe";
a.StartInfo.Arguments = " -Plp " + "\"" + filePathDirectory + "\"";
a.StartInfo.UseShellExecute = false;

filePathDirectory starts with a value of:


Which I think is converted into a string once concatenated into a.StartInfo.Arguments which is assigned the value of: -Plp \"\\\\ServerName\\Share\\Folder\\Folder\\FileName.xls\"

This is bad because, the number of backslashes in the path doubled. How can I ensure no backslashes are added to the path?

On top of that, to add a quotation marks, I've used the backslash escape sequence; But the backslash from this escape sequence is inadvertently added to my string. How can I add quotation marks around the file path which is contained in a.StartInfo.Arguments?

P.S. I hope this makes sense, please ask questions if you need clarification.

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The backslashes are not doubled and the backslash of the quotes also "isn't there". You can verify it by Console.WriteLine(a.StartInfo.Arguments) or MessageBox.Show(a.StartInfo.Arguments).

What you are seeing - in the debugger I assume - is the representation of the string with the escape characters not translated - just as you would need to enter it in the IDE.


string s = "\"";

This will show in the debugger as "\"" but it will display on screen as ":

enter image description here

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You're right. I just thought this was causing an issue with my process, when in fact it seems to be something else which will require a new question on my part. –  Ben Sep 21 '12 at 15:18

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