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<cffunction name="foo">
     <cfargument name="default">
     <cfreturn ARGUMENTS.default />

<cfset LOCAL.derp = "((bar))" />
<cfset LOCAL.derp = LOCAL.derp.replaceAll("\(\((.*)\)\)", foo('$1')) />

The output I am expecting is bar bar however I am getting $1 bar. How can this be done in ColdFusion9?

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I cannot help with regular expressions, but just fyi replaceAll is not a ColdFusion function. It is a method of the java.lang.String class. (Modified question title) – Leigh Sep 21 '12 at 14:15

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The foo function is evaluated first and the string result of that function is what is subsequently passed to replaceAll, which has no idea its input was provided via a function.

String.replaceAll is a Java method which accepts a regex pattern string and a replacement string - you can't pass a callback function in directly.

A solution to this is to use the cfRegex library I have created - this has a Replace function which lets you pass in a function to be executed against every match.

This could be used something like this:

<cfset Local.Derp = RegexReplace
    ( Pattern     = '\(\((.*)\)\)'
    , Text        = Local.Derp
    , Replacement = replaceWithG1AndOutput
    ) />

<cffunction name="replaceWithG1AndOutput" returntype="String" output=true>
        Use Arguments.Match for "((bar))"
        or Arguments.Groups[1].Match for "bar"
    <cfreturn Arguments.Groups[1].Match />
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