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I am a beginner to javascript ! I am trying to call a function from another function inside the same script tags. When I do this without sending arguments it works fine but when i do that with arguments that another function is not called..

Here is what I am doing

function measurement_convert()
var mc = "Measurement Conversion";
    txt = "<h2>"  + mc + "</h2> <br><br>";

    txt +=
        "<form action='' method='post'>" +
        "Select Type <select name='conversion_type' onchange='loadXML('abcd')'> "+
                    "<option value='area'>Area</option>"+
                    "<option value='length'>Length</option>"+
                    "<option value='volume'>Volume</option>"+
                    "<option value='weight'>Weight</option>"+
                    "</select> <br><br>"

So, I am calling the function from onchange of this form.

And here's the another function

 function loadXML(var1)

Can anyone help me ?

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When I change the select option the loadXML(var) function is not called indeed nothing happens –  Saaram Sep 21 '12 at 14:19

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Your single quotes are clashing in the onchange value, as you use the same for closing the value in.

You can change it to:

"Select Type <select name='conversion_type' onchange=\"loadXML('abcd')\"> "
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Your problem is that you are trying to nest the same type of quote:


This actually gets interpreted as:


Instead, try (note the escaped double-quotes, since this code is inside a PHP string):

Select Type <select name=\"conversion_type\" onchange=\"loadXML('abcd')\">
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working Thank You –  Saaram Sep 21 '12 at 14:26

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