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I'm working with Rails and I have a Link ActiveRecord model with this table:

create_table "links", :force => true do |t|
  t.string   "name",        :null => false
  t.integer  "sender_id",   :null => false
  t.integer  "receiver_id", :null => false

add_index "links", ["name"], :name => "index_links_on_name"
add_index "links", ["sender_id", "receiver_id"], :name => "index_links_on_sender_id_and_receiver_id", :unique => true

What I would like to do is to SELECT every links WHERE name = "follow" which exist from the source to the destination AND from the destination to the source.

For instance, having the following entries:

id | name     | sender_id | receiver_id
66 | "follow" | 1         | 2
67 | "follow" | 2         | 1
68 | "follow" | 1         | 3
69 | "fuu"    | 3         | 1
70 | "bar"    | 2         | 25
71 | "bar"    | 25        | 2

...I would like to just get 66 and 67 ids as a result. Because sender_id 1 and receiver_id 67 are linked from source to destination and also from destination to source (with a "follow" name in both cases).

Can we do it, with just one SQL query (in SQL directly or ActiveRecord ORM)? Many thanks!

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Try Following Query>>

select * from tablename t1,t2 where t1.sender_id = t2.receiver_id and t2.sender_id=t1.receiver_id and Name like follow"
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And, of course, make sure that you have the appropriate indexes on the table. Without indexes, this will be a dog-slow query if there is a lot of data. (Use EXPLAIN to see what plan the query planner generates.) –  cdhowie Sep 21 '12 at 14:33
@cdhowie : May be u r right...but my intesion was to just give direction to thoughts about the query writting in these cases.. –  Freelancer Sep 21 '12 at 14:38
Yes, my comment was not directed at you, but just to supply some information regarding performance to any readers. –  cdhowie Sep 21 '12 at 14:58
Thanks for the comment. I think I'm gonna add an index on: name, sender_id,receiver_id, sender_id, receiver_id, sender_id,name and receiver_id,name (where sender_id,receiver_id index is also unique). –  Doug Sep 21 '12 at 15:15
@Ravindra bagale: mala thodi madat kara...mi ek c# application banawala aahe(Stand alone) Library Managementch...tyat mala marathi font sanga...aasa ki user ni keyboard war type kelel marathit aal pahije...eg.Maz nav Raj he user keybord war type karel aani tyacha text disatana....मझ नाव राज...aasa disala pahije.... –  Freelancer Sep 24 '12 at 8:43

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