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The following:

template <int A>
class __declspec(align(A)) alignable {

Does not compile with Visual Studio, but works fine with GNU (using __attribute__ instead of __declspec). The compiler doesn't seem to be able to resolve the template parameter A when used as part of the class declaration, gives the error "C2059: syntax error: identifier".

I'm beginning to wonder whether this is valid C++, since A is being used within the same statement that it is declared. What puzzles me is that GNU allows this; I've been through the "Templates" section of the standard, but can't seem to find anything explicit about this.

Edit: Since a class can derive from one of its template parameters, it would seem sensible to me that template parameters are available in the class declaration.

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Reading the C++ standard won't tell you how Microsoft's __declspec(align(A)) works and it won't tell you how GNU's __attribute__ stuff works. You have to read the compiler's documentation for its non-standard extensions. –  Pete Becker Sep 21 '12 at 14:58
Good point, thankyou. –  John Chapman Sep 21 '12 at 15:06

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