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I've got a tool I wrote in Python, that ingests a path to a file. I want to check if it's an SSH Private key, or a public key, (disregard if neither). I'm not sure how to pragmatically check if a file is either of these. Is there a way in Python to do this?

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There are many complex forms of these keys. It will be hard to distinguish them.

There are

  • public keys which consist of one line whose format differs depending on if you have RSA, DSA or Version 1 keys.
  • private keys which are compatible to OpenSSH. They start with


    and end with

    -----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----

    (provided it is an RSA key), other strings for DSA or version 1.

  • SSH.COM and PuTTY have another different format.

Good luck!

Maybe you can convice ssh-keygen to do this job for you...

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