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I have a form that has many embedded forms, which are select lists.

What I'm ideally looking to do, is to save the select list values.

I can get the form values by using:


var_dumping the above gives me something like:

      'fields' => 
          'Field' => 
              'field' => string 'field' (length=7)
              'column' => int 0
              'id' => null
          'Field 1' => 
              'field' => string 'field_1' (length=7)
              'column' => int 1
              'id' => null
          'Field 2' => 
              'field' => string 'field_2' (length=19)
              'column' => int 10
              'id' => null
      'id' => string '51' (length=2)

I've then set the form values in the user session:

$this->getUser()->getAttribute('something', $this->form->getValues());

I'm jsut wondering how I'd then set the select lists based on these saved values?



In my actions.class.php i added the following after the $this->form-save()

$this->getUser()->setAttribute('user_fields', $this->form->getValues());

Then within my configure() method in my form class, imply used:

    if ($savedValues = sfContext::getInstance()->getUser()->getAttribute('user_fields'))

And it worked perfectly!!


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In the action after the form is created (and before bind() is called) you can do this:

$this->form = new YourForm();

if ($savedValues = $this->getUser()->getAttribute('something'))

// ...
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I used your code and it worked great!! Thank you for your help. – sipher_z Sep 24 '12 at 11:51

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