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I am setting up a Talend project that I am going to be using as a basis for many future projects. I would like to send out a generic email if the job runs successfully or if it fails. I would like to dynamically include the name of the project in the email subject and message. Is there a way to dynamically pull the project name from a Talend project? If so, what is the syntax?

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In the "Message" field you can use the projectName variable. So for example:

projectName + " finished."

You can also hit ctrl+space while in the message text area and it'll show you all available variables and functions.

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Thanks! That ctrl+space feature is very helpful. I thought there was a way to do that, but wasn't sure how. I think global.projectname is the variable I was looking for. –  Tom Sep 24 '12 at 15:09

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