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I would like to run the free Microsoft executable psinfo.exe and pipe the output to a file, embedded in a python program. I have been able to run the psinfo.exe file from a python program, but piping the output of psinfo into a file does not work.

If I run the simple batch file from the Windows command line:

psinfo.exe > filename.txt

Then the output of psinfo will be piped into the file filename.txt. The psinfo utility lists computer information, such as free disk space percentage and other information. If I try to use a one line batch file to pipe the psinfo data into a file, and run the batch file within Windows, it works, piping the data into a file. However, if I run the batch file from python, then the data will not pipe into a file.

How can I either run a batch file or the psinfo.exe directly and have the psinfo data pipe into a file running the batch file or psinfo.exe within a python program?

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Possible duplicate: stackoverflow.com/questions/880918/… –  Deruijter Sep 21 '12 at 15:14
I already tried that method, and it did not work. The psinfo.exe can use several switches. The "-a" switch is not one of them. When the switch "-a" is used in the code: os.system("psinfo.exe -a > filename.txt"), an empty file is created. –  Dave Borchard Sep 21 '12 at 18:52
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