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I'm trying to get the Outlook ID of a Livelink folder within my VBA project (the default VbaProject.otm). It would allow me to quickly move mails from Outlook to Livelink. I already have the Livelink folder ID but I know that Outlook has its own.

I can get the Livelink StoreID with the following:

storeID = Application.GetNamespace("MAPI").Folders("LiveLink").storeID

Now, I have no idea how I could get the Outlook ID. Here is one example of what it looks like:


Anyone has an idea? Thank you.


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Take a look at Outlook Spy or MFCMapi. The ID is probably contained as a MIME property you can access via Folder.PropertyAccessor. See related SO post.

 Dim liveLinkFolder as Outlook.Folder = Application.GetNamespace("MAPI").Folders("LiveLink")
 Dim id as String = liveLinkFolder.PropertyAccessor.GetProperty("LiveLink ID").ToString()
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Thank you very much for your help. For some reason, I get an error saying that Outlook.Folder is an unknown type. I changed it to Outlook.Folders, which works but ID is null. I've tried changing "Livelink ID" to an actual ID, not sure what I have to change there to get it working. I have the full path in a string and the Livelink ID and a string too, and that's all I got actually to get that Outlook ID. –  dnLL Sep 21 '12 at 16:23
You need to use a tool (Outlook Spy or MFCMAPI) to figure out the actual property name - I don't have LiveLink, so I can't tell you the property name. I just gave you an example on how to access MIME folder properties. –  SliverNinja Sep 21 '12 at 16:27
I don't have admin privileges even for developement, but I will see what I can do. –  dnLL Sep 21 '12 at 16:30
You will need to install one of these tools to inspect the MIME properties and their values. –  SliverNinja Sep 21 '12 at 16:31
Well, managed to install Outlook Spy. I read the other post, forX is actually one of the former employee of the same enterprise I'm actually working for. What he was trying to do last year with this post was just to get the Livelink ID (the ID in Livelink, not the one that Outlook assigns to each of his folders, Livelink or not). That's not exactly the same thing. Somehow, the Livelink ID can be found with the following: .fields("urn:x-opentext-com:ll:properties:nodeid").value –  dnLL Sep 21 '12 at 16:43

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