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I'm studying regular expression and I have a problem. I need a regex to detect error strings. A right string can't contains single backslash(\) but can contains double backslash(\\), can contains (\t, \r, \f, \b, ...) Example: The regex must match this string 'This is error string \

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what is your question? my question is what have you tried? –  gigadot Sep 21 '12 at 15:21

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For match correct string, try this:


In ahother hand, you need to use a constant of Pattern for avoid recompiled the expression every time, something like that:

private static final Pattern MY_PATTERN = 

And use the constant:

MY_PATTERN.matcher(testString).matches(); // true if don't have errors
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You need to escape properly. Use \\\\ to match \\.

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