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I need to create in Cassandra a Column Family (PlayerGoals) with a composite key (Player,Match) I was thinking to define this as a Supercolumn but i read its not a good idea to use Supercolumns.

An example of what i need to represent would be:


Player: 1
    Match: 2
        Goals - 0
    Match: 3
        Goals - 2
Player: 2
    Match: 2 
        Goals - 1


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Can you please mention your querying pattern? –  Tamil Sep 24 '12 at 7:51

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You can store this using a composite key, where the key is Player:Match, as follows:

  Goals = 0
  Goals = 2
  Goals = 1

With this schema you can:

  • Get all matches for a player
  • Get highest/lowest/etc goals for a player
  • Find out which of a group of players participated in a match
  • Sort a list of known players by number of goals scored

You need a separate index to:

  • Get players for a match
  • Rank unknown players
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First of all thanks, actually my question was how to do these in Cassandra. So i thought to create these Column Families.. create column family Player with comparator = UTF8Type and default_validation_class = UTF8Type and column_metadata = [ {column_name : Name, validation_class : UTF8Type} ]; create column family Match with comparator = UTF8Type and default_validation_class = UTF8Type and column_metadata = [ {column_name : MatchName, validation_class : UTF8Type} ]; –  user1683628 Sep 21 '12 at 19:05
create column family PlayerMatch with comparator = 'CompositeType(UTF8Type,UTF8Type)' and default_validation_class = UTF8Type and column_metadata = [ {column_name : Goals, validation_class : UTF8Type} ]; if i insert this 2 rows: set Player['01'][utf8('Name')]=utf8('Peter Crouch'); set Match['01'][utf8('MatchName')]=utf8('FA Cup 01'); How can i insert a row in PlayerMatch using the rows added before? (set PlayerMatch['???']['???'][utf8('Goals')]=utf8('2');) thanks in advance. –  user1683628 Sep 21 '12 at 19:06

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