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It is hard to make a decision between PhoneGap and Objective-C. Using PhoneGap is faster and simpler, but not very good at performance. I just want to build an enterprise application. Features including maps calling&locating, online orders, interactive network and something else. So I'm looking for advice on what to use.

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Depending of your programming technology background and your experience with programming, PhoneGap is an option.

I personally prefer to invest time learning the native development platform for iOS then trying other solutions that would, eventually, create another kind of knowledge curve.

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thanks for your reply –  ryanfunyeah Oct 30 '13 at 7:38

Doing it natively with objective-c is what I would do. Invest the time now and make it much easier on yourself later. I have been building enterprise apps (that is mostly what I do). I came from a javascript / php background and so phonegap would have probably made things easier on me at first, but I don't regret taking the extra couple of months to dive in and learn the native way of doing things.

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you're right,thanks for your reply –  ryanfunyeah Oct 30 '13 at 7:39

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