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Very simply, I am having trouble running the compiled jade.js from jade-lang file in execjs.

If I include jade.js in an html file


returns a function.

When I do the following:

require 'execjs'

source  = <<-src
  var window = {};
  var jade = window.jade;
context = ExecJS.compile source
context.eval "jade.compile"
 => nil

nil gets returned by eval.

Any idea where I'm going wrong? I've searched stack overflow, and even found a few gems that do this the same way as I am doing it, but when I execute on my system, it doesn't work. I've tried with therubyracer and node as my execjs runtimes.

Thanks for your help!

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It appears that when the return from execjs is a function, it returns nil. So:

context.eval "jade.compile.toString()"
=> "function....."


context.eval "jade.compile(#{template.to_json}).toString()"
=> "function...."


context.eval "jade.compile(#{template.to_json})()"
=> "some html"

This makes sense since the extract_result method of execjs/external_runtime.rb (line 62 as of this writing) uses JSON.decode, which will not decode a function. Only a derivative of object.

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