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I got very used to this clean syntax with MEF in .NET

public class Something : ISomething {

Is there any analogy with annotations in Java? (& corresponding framework). Any dependency injection containers to be good compatible with?

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There are several IoC containers available in Java. The two that comes to my mind are Spring with its IoC Container and Google Guice.

I have mostly worked with Spring IoC and find it very nice to work with.

Here is another good tutorial regarding Spring IoC.

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Thanks. I could eventually find this myself. But voting you up for the help! –  Alec Sep 21 '12 at 17:53

From what I could find to the moment, I can use Google Guice with its annotations. There (in G.G.) they specify default implementer of interface rather then doing export of implementation (as in MEF). E.g.

public interface ISomething {

public class Something implements ISomething {

Constructor parameters injections etc are also somewhat possible from documentation.

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