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When Oracle logs a parameterized SQL query failing, it shows "?" in place of the parameters, i.e. the query before replacing parameters. For example,

"SELECT * FROM table where col like '?'" 
SQL state [99999]; error code [29902]; 
ORA-29902: error in executing ODCIIndexStart() routine ORA-20000: 
  Oracle Text error: DRG-50901: 
  text query parser syntax error on line 1, column 48

Is there a way to change logging so it shows the parameter values? The information above is absolutely useless unless I can see what the actual parsing problem was.

In general, is there a way to set logs in Oracle to show parameters in parameterized query errors?

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If you are running Oracle 10g or later and you have access to the V$ views, then you can use v$sql_bind_capture to see the values.

The following query is borrowed from Burleson's site:

   v$sql_bind_capture b,
   v$sqlarea          a
   b.sql_id = 'The SQL ID'
   b.sql_id = a.sql_id;
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