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I am writing a user defined function to DB2 on AS/400 in Java and the strangest thing happen..
I am always getting the same result from the function even when i am changing it, even if i am dropping it and create it again and even when i specify NOT DETERMINISTIC..
Does any one have ever encountered a behavior like that?

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stupid question: you are working in the same environment as your are testing? –  AutomatedTester Aug 10 '09 at 7:51
no i am developing under windows and testing under AS400.. I'm constantly renaming the class for testing purposes.. –  Nimrod Shory Aug 10 '09 at 11:29
Can you provide a copy of your create function command as well as a copy of the Java method header? –  Tracy Probst Aug 11 '09 at 16:17
Though i think its quite irrelevant - CREATE FUNCTION fnc() RETURNS VARCHAR(1000) FENCED LANGUAGE JAVA PARAMETER STYLE JAVA NOT DETERMINISTIC EXTERNAL NAME 'class.method' EXTERNAL ACTION JAVA: public static java.lang.String fnc() { return "OK"; } –  Nimrod Shory Aug 18 '09 at 6:22
I thought I would see something stand out, but I don't. Sorry, I have no answer for you. :-( –  Tracy Probst Aug 19 '09 at 12:35

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Well, Apparently this behavior only happens when i run queries from AS/400's STRSQL...
Queries outside of the AS/400 environment returns expected results.

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