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I'm trying to output a choice (select) list, with the values coming from a related entity. In the Flight entity, there is a many-to-one relationship with the Airport entity. The Airport entity has several properties, such as city, country, codeIata. Right now, this is how the Type is created:

$builder->add('origin', 'entity', array('label' => 'Origin Airport', 'class' => 'FlightcaseBookingBundle:Airport', 'property' => 'codeIata'));

This works fine, and it will output a element with the Airport->codeIata as the option labels and the Airport->id as values, like so:

<option value="1234">CDG</option>

But what I actually wanted is the choice list options to display a concatenation of 2 fields, namely the IATA code and then the airport name, e.g.

<option value="1234">CDG - Paris Charles de Gaulle</option>

So then I created a new method inside my Airport entity called getLongName(), which did this for me. Then I replaced the value of property of codeIata with longName.

This essentially does what I wanted. But to me this seems hacky, and not desirable, since an entity class is strictly meant to define the object itself. On top of that I cannot send any arguments to the getLongName method this way either (like $maxlength or so). So what would be the proper way of manipulating what's displayed in the element? Would I need to create a Transformer class to do this, or is there a simpler way?

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Assuming you are using Symfony 2.0.x, AFAIK the only solution would be implementing a new method:

class Airport
    public function getChoiceLabel()
        return sprintf('%s - %s', $this->codeIata, $this->name);

Then use with entity form type:

$builder->add('origin', 'entity', array(
    'label' => 'Origin Airport',
    'class' => 'FlightcaseBookingBundle:Airport',
    'property' => 'choice_label'

An alternative would be implementing __toString(), but I don't like to globally say that the representation of the Airport object it's IATA plus its name.

If you are using Symfony 2.1 maybe that there is a better solution (read: closure) to accomplish this.

EDIT: I've checked the documentation for Symfony 2.1, and it seems that it's not yet possible:

This is the property that should be used for displaying the entities as text in the HTML element. If left blank, the entity object will be cast into a string and so must have a __toString() method.

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