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Is it possible to tell RSpec::Mocks to stub a method for a set of values, otherwise fallback to the original method? For example:

File.exist? 'log.txt'    # returns true
File.exist? 'dev.log'    # <<< need to fallback to original File.exist? here

Currently the last call in the example above would raise a MockExpectationError, asking to provide a default value. Is it possible to instruct rspec-mocks to fallback to the original method?

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This is related to rspec-mock's issue – Hosam Aly Sep 21 '12 at 19:27

Once could cache the original method, and call it explicitly:

original_method = File.method(:exist?)
File.stub(:exist?).with(anything()) { |*args|*args) }

However, this is too cumbersome. I hope to see a better answer.

For the sake of completeness, here is a generalization of the code above:

def stub_with_fallback(obj, method)
  original_method = obj.method(method)
  obj.stub(method).with(anything()) { |*args|*args) }
  return obj.stub(method)

# usage example:
stub_with_fallback(File, :exist?).with(/txt/).and_return(true)
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