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I want to have a program in matlab with GUI, at run the program, user can draw anythings with mouse on the axes in GUI, and i want to saving created image in a matrix. how can i to do this?

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Finally i find a good code and i have changed some parts for customizing for me. with this way, user can drawing anythings in the axes with mouse :

function userDraw(handles)
%setptr(F,'eraser'); %a custom cursor just for fun

A=handles.axesUserDraw; % axesUserDraw is tag of my axes

function start_pencil(src,eventdata)
coords=get(src,'currentpoint'); %since this is the axes callback, src=gca

r=line(x, y, 'color', [0 .5 1], 'LineWidth', 2, 'hittest', 'off'); %turning     hittset off allows you to draw new lines that start on top of an existing line.

function continue_pencil(src,eventdata,r)
%Note: src is now the figure handle, not the axes, so we need to use gca.
coords=get(gca,'currentpoint'); %this updates every time i move the mouse
%get the line's existing coordinates and append the new ones.
newx=[lastx x];
newy=[lasty y];

function done_pencil(src,evendata)
%all this funciton does is turn the motion function off 
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The only way I know to interact with matlab windows using a mouse is ginput, but this will now let you draw anything with fluidity.

There are ways to use Java Swing components in matlab check http://undocumentedmatlab.com/ for more info.

EDIT: You may want to check this out as well.


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The ginput function gets the coordinates of moueclicks within a figure. You could use these as points of a line, polygon, etc.

If this doesn't fit your needs you need to decribe what exactly you expect the user to draw.

For freehand drawing this might be helpful:


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i have developing a program for detect the character that user drawing , so the user should be able to drawing alphanumeric character. –  hamed aj Sep 21 '12 at 18:59
See my edit above. –  Georg Sep 21 '12 at 19:01

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