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Is there any limit on the number of Entity Kinds you can have in App Engine?

The low level datastore ShardedCounter.java example creates a new Entity Kind for each counter name whereas the JDO example stores each counter in the same Entity Kind. I like the advantage of the former, but don't know whether it scales to millions of counter names?

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The datastore basically works as giant HashMap<Key-Entity>, as the HashMap you can put unlimited numbers of key, since one key is a mix of your appId, Kind, and entity Id or name you can use unlimited number of kinds too.

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Key also contains namespace and all parent keys. –  Peter Knego Jan 20 '13 at 19:05

There's no reason why GAE would impose such a restriction, having a new kind doesn't affect special things.
So there's no such limit. We should be able to find it on Google if it exists.

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