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I seem to be missing Visual Studio 2012's color picker feature in the css editor. It only shows a drop down menu.

I've tried changing the color picker option in preferences. Also tried resetting settings.

Any ideas will be much appreciated.


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Type # after the property:


With Resharper installed, I need to click Ctrl J.

That gives you the first bit of the drop down (some swatches). You then click the double arrow pointing down to get the color picker proper.

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Thanks for the Resharper command. – Mr.Hardy Sep 20 '13 at 3:11

Are you typing the pound "#" sign? That's what triggers the nice color picker.

(eg, "color:#" when you press "#" you get the picker, otherwise you just get crappy dropdown).

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The dropdown gives you color names, the color picker gives you numeric RGBA values. – Steve Wellens Jan 10 '13 at 18:26

Do you have any extensions installed? ReSharper in particular? I was experiencing the same problem, and thought that ReSharper might've been the cause. Uninstalled it, and now I have the CSS color picker as advertised. If you don't have ReSharper installed, it may be caused by another extension.

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