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I am developing a dDango app (djangoappengine) using the Google App Engine SDK. My app is painfully slow and I want to profile it. I have tried cProfile, profile, and hotshot according to

However, due to (I think) Google's limited offering of pre-installed python-libs. all tries result in some ImpportError. That is, cProfile, profile etc. are installed on the computer, but not "usable" when running my app using the GAE SDK.

I have tried symlinking cProfile directly into my app (as if I had written it myself), but that only brings other problems.

Is there a real way to profile a djangoappengine app without too much hassle?

Thank you

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The symlinking route is the way to go.

You can use AppStats for profiling App Engine API calls.

This is generally useful, since generally the bottlenecks will be on datastore requests etc. This won't help you if you have your own compute intensive loops to profile.

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