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I have a TableViewer where the values in one column should typically come from a dynamic list. I'm currently using org.eclipse.jface.viewers.ComboBoxCellEditor , which is actually a Select-List: it stores the index of the selected value. If I change the underlying list (calling setItems(String[]), it's clumsy to keep the previous selected value... (specially if it's not included in the list anymore!) What I'd wish is actually a cell editor that stores, not the index from the list, but the string (perhaps letting the user edit it freely, perhaps not), where the list is just used as a suggestion at input time - like a "combobox" was supposed to work in the good old days... Is this possible?

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I would suggest you to have your CellEditor to mimic the behavior that you are looking for. Extend ComboBoxViewerCellEditor and override doGetValue() method. Add modify listener on Combo control and also filter (which filters list items based on input text) to comboviewer.

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You should look at :

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