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I am trying to use a mysql database in my play 1.2.4 application hosted in Amazon EC2 . For that, I configured application.conf file with the following snippet in my local environment.


and this works fine.

Same mysql server have been configured in my EC2 instance with same Database created .

What should be the configuration to use that DB in EC2 . After several trial and error methods , I am not able to make my Play application talk with the database .

Thanks in advance .

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I would diagnose this problem with the following tests:

  • Can you reach your mysql server from the same machine you are running your application from?
  • When trying this, make sure that you use the same user and password as in your application.
  • Have a look at the mysql users table and check if the user is allowed to connect.
  • Is the mysql daemon bound to localhost or do you have to use the IP or external DNS name of the machine?
  • Try checking your firewall rules that the port for mysql is open from your application machine
  • Also check the EC2 Security group that the mysql port is open from your application machine.
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Thanks Jones for the reply , Both my application and mysql server are running in the same EC2 instance . The user is root and it has the privileged to connect . mysql port is open in ec2 security group. – Sabya Sep 22 '12 at 14:01
I have a doubt in "Is the mysql daemon bound to localhost or do you have to use the IP or external DNS name of the machine?" – Sabya Sep 22 '12 at 14:02

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