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Here is the scenario...

I have a site:

and I set a token(cookie, something like that) from when a user has SUCCESSFULLY logged in.

I also have

On I want to display data to users that have that token/cookie/etc available to them.

Here is the use-case

  • user logs into ( framework hosted on different server - this is our primary product that requires a subscription / username & login )
  • user then has access to a section that is hidden from plublic view on (wordpress site hosted on goDadday - this site contains a knowledge base that we do not want to make public unless they have done [XXXXX] )
  • both sites are hosted independently of each other and do not share a common username and password ======

Another scenario is to set up wordpress to allow a specific section as a jsonp response. but only if the user is logged in at to allow the user to have access to the jsonp response located at

Any ideas from you beautiful people?

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It really depends on the level of security you require. You can log a user in to a Wordpress site without a password by using wp_set_auth_cookie, however if you are just validating that a user is logged into the ASP.NET site and then using JSONP to load a page that set's the auth cookie, it will work, however you definitely have some security gaps.

A better solution would be to set a domain level cookie for with a token that can be read by any server in your domain. The Wordpress site could then check is_user_logged_in(), and if not take that cookie value and make a back end call to the ASP.NET site to verify its authenticity, and then call wp_set_auth_cookie(). A simple web service would likely be the best option. You would still need some level of mapping between usernames on the ASP.NET and Wordpress site however to know which user_ID to pass.

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