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I'm a newbie to windows scripting. Is there a Calendar UI widget which I can use from wsh to get user input? I basically need to get a Date from the user.

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VBScript only has the InputBox function for the user input: you can use it to prompt the user for a date string in whatever date format is supported by their locale ("8/10/2009", "8/10/09", "August 10, 2009", "Aug 10, 2009" etc) and then convert it to a Date variant using the DateValue function.

If you need, you probably want an HTML Application. Check out Microsoft TechNet Script Center for info and tips on HTAs.

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<script type="text/vbscript">
    Sub cal1_click()
    End Sub
<input id="ddate" type="text" value="click here" onclick="'visible'">
<div id="div1" style="visibility:hidden;">
    <object id="cal1" 
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I don't think that HTML is what @amit is looking for... – xav May 1 '14 at 20:36
Doesn't seem to work on Windows XP SP3. – Cristian Ciupitu Sep 12 '14 at 3:11

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