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I have an app which needs a backend which consists of 3 parts:

  • Database
  • Front PHP pages to handle request from the app, access DB and return JSON
  • File-system storage for pictures

Now I know that many people go with Amazon AWS today, and I recently had a quick look around at their services. Now for the database, it seems DynamoDB would suit me fine! But my question is, which product (and how) should I use to store the static php pages, and the basic filesystem (which can potentially get pretty big). For the static php pages, I really need something as simple as services the likes of GoDaddy.com, but it has to be fast and be able to respond to many requests.

For the image file-system storing, this could either be done on the same place as the php files, or anywhere else as long and I can access it with php. What do you recommend?

I would really like to hear which products you think will suit this back-end, as this is a pretty popular setting. If you think of something better than amazon, I am open to suggestions, just keep in mind that the top priorities (by order) are stability, scalability and ease of use, and it need to be VERY scaleable.

Thanks for any replays!

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You could use S3 for storage as it is simple, easy to use and scalable. But it's slow to retrieve files from S3. To solve this, retrieve the files from Cloudfront instead of S3. S3 bucket can act as the origin server of your Cloudfront distribution. It has two advantages -
- Retrieval will be very fast, specially of more popular pages/pictures
- It doesn't matter which part of globe your app is being used, Cloudfront will select the nearest edge cache to serve your content.

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