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I found more than a couple examples of this with a plain jquery autocomplete but not in a way that will work with the autocomplete included in the combobox code from the demo because the structure of the code is structured so differently.

I want to match every item that has all of the search tokens anywhere in any word. I don't need to match the start of any word, any part of it is fine. I don't care if the search strings are highlighted in the autocomplete list if that makes things too complicated.

Desired search/result combos: (please excuse the spacing)
"fi th" "fi rst second th ird"
"rs on" "fi rs t sec on d third"
"ec rd" "first s ec ond thi rd"
but not limited to any max/min length or number of tokens.


I figured part of it out using the code structure from the other autocorrect I had working.

source: function( requestObj, responseFunc ) {
    var matchArry = $("select > option").map(function(){return this.innerHTML;}).get();
    var srchTerms   = $.trim(requestObj.term).split(/\s+/);

    // For each search term, remove non-matches
    $.each (srchTerms, function (J, term) {
        var regX = new RegExp (term, "i");
        matchArry = $.map (matchArry, function (item) {
            if( regX.test(item) ){
                    label: item,
                    value: item,
                    option: HTMLOptionElement
                } ? item :null;
        } );

    // Return the match results
    responseFunc (matchArry);


select: function( event, ui ) {
    ui.item.option.selected = true;
    self._trigger( "selected", event, {
        item: ui.item.option
    $("destination").val(ui.item.value);    // I added this line

but I can't get both multiple words AND being able to click to select working at the same time.

If I remove the } ? item :null; on the return in the map function I can click to select an item. If I leave it I can type multiple words, but I can't click any of the items...

Is that the problem or the option: this? I've tried replacing it with HTMLOptionElement and null and I'm stuck.

I am able to set the value of another field with ui.item.value within the select label but that doesn't put the value in the search box or close the dropdown menu.

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In your code, are you using the same type of source as the example? An underlying select list? Or are you getting the autocomplete data from the server? –  JoeFletch Sep 22 '12 at 4:18
So far it's exactly as the jQuery-ui demo –  John R Sep 23 '12 at 4:58
Solved it myself, see below. I really hope someone else can make use of this someday! –  John R Sep 25 '12 at 15:49

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On a whim I added ui.item.option = ui.item.value; to the select label and everything works as expected. the option: value in source doesn't seem to matter now.

*I make no claims that any of this is good coding practice

updated fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/eY3hM/

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