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This is not a question about sliding panels. This is a question about sliding controls that control values.

       Could anyone provide me with a couple of links
       to web pages where nice-looking sliding controls
       are used?

Say on an order page (you slide the quantity of items and the grand total gets immediately updated) or on a configuration page (for CPU, RAM, Storage and so forth)?

For the life of me, I cannot find the examples I've looked at a couple of months ago.

Yes, I know, the jQuery UI Slider can be styled, and I've been looking at a bunch of those examples, I even Google'd around for half a morning and searched for all kinds of things...but no luck.

All I want to see are some elegant solutions others have come up with, and see what is possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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it's been a while since the question was asked but anyway, here is the link http://egorkhmelev.github.com/jslider/ - jQuery Slider plugin.

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You can also use http://jqueryui.com/ and create a custom theme to the slider or custom yourself the css in order to add images or other effects.

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