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Im using the New MVC Web Api I have something like this:

    public class CustomersController : ApiController
  public HttpResponseMessage Get()
            //Return Somethings

I call it with /api/customers

now i want to be able to filter by nationality and id so i made this :

public class CustomersController : ApiController
    public HttpResponseMessage Get(int Id, String Nat)
        //and i filter here Return Somethings

if i try to use /api/customers/1/us it call the first method, i understand that these are query strings, so how do i define route so i can use /api/customers/1/us ?

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/api/customers/1/us is an embedded value as opposed to a query string. Unfortunately I am not sure why it isn't calling the overloaded Get. Check the route maybe? – Lews Therin Sep 21 '12 at 21:02
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Something like this should do the trick

     name: "CustomersByIdAndNat",
     routeTemplate: "api/customers/{Id}/{Nat}/",
     defaults: new { controller = "Customers" }

And as a side note, /1/us is not the querystring. Querystring is what it comes after ? symbol on urls. For instance in your case, could be something like this


Not saying you need to change the url format, just explaining the concept.

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