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The documentation lists that the mac address of a VM can be set in the Vagrantfile, however everything I add seems to end up being a syntax error. Anyone successfully done this?

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Error details please? – vishal.biyani Sep 25 '12 at 20:59 should also help! – vishal.biyani Sep 25 '12 at 21:37

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I used this: :bridged , :mac => "080027XXXXXX"

and got what I wanted.

The docs are unclear on what the syntax for the options hash were, and there seemed to be no example on what this should look like. So, here it is! Bridged with a mac address (edited of course). This brings up eth1 with the mac specified, which makes my DHCP server happy, and gives it a proper fqdn on my network.

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This works for a bridged network. However, the presumable equivalents for :hostonly network pass the syntax parser, but fail to change mac addresses (at least for VirtualBox anyway). :hostonly, "", mac: "5CA1AB1E0001" :hostonly, "", :mac => "5CA1AB1E0001" – Phil Apr 30 '14 at 18:53

This is an old question, but I had the same issue just now. Vagrant documentation v2 still seems incomplete. In the end I used this line in the Vagrantfile with vagrant 1.2.7: "public_network", :bridge => 'enp4s0', :mac => "5CA1AB1E0001"


  • sets the host interface named 'enp4s0' as the bridge interface,
  • which as 'eth0' on the guest is then assigned an ip address by the same DHCP the host uses
  • Also sets 5C:A1:AB:1E:00:01 as the guest's mac address
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gmoney's answer gave me this error: "There are errors in the configuration of this machine. Please fix the following errors and try again: vm: * Network type 'bridged' is invalid. Please use a valid network type. " raddaqii's solution worked for me – Robert Fey Oct 28 '14 at 13:32

hmm, the network config didn't help in my case. After defining the MAC Address directly in the Vagrantfile via config.vm.base_mac = "MyEth0MacAddressWithoutSlashes" my machine started =)

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