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I'm looking for a GUI based RegExp tester in the vein of rubular.com, or this JavaScript expression tester here, for OS X, to help me when writing regular expressions.

It would be really handy for it to work in more than one language (i.e. Python, JavaScript, or Ruby).

Other than using MacVim's own find as you type tool, or a command line editor like Vim or Emacs, (I use Textmate as my main editor), what are my options here?

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give Reggy a try! ...simple and effective!

NOTE: Though the last 1.3 release of the app is quite old (2007), a new version written in Objective-c is under development on Github

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Maybe you can just use one of the online RegExp testers, like "RegExr".

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I've found a nice Regexp tester for JavaScript at http://robrohan.com/projects/widgets/, which is available as a widget for OS X, and is even nice enough to give you numbered captures, something that's quite rare amongst RegExp testers.

However, to buy it you need to send some unspecified amount of money via paypal for it - I flipped a dollar in, partly because I didn't know whether it would be any good, and it turns out to be pretty nice.

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I've used and liked JRegExpTester:


It's in Java and only does Java regexes, unfortunately.

There's also a handy FF plugin:


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I realize this question is quite old, but...

I prefer to download/buy from the App Store. So I spent the $2.99 and gave Patterns a try. There are a few other good looking RegEx GUI applications on the App Store, but all of them are double the price and offer little to no extra functionality.

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Oyster is a strong contender lets you keep a library. Dash and Codebox integration too. rwe-uk.com/app/oyster –  rougeExciter Jul 3 '13 at 10:55

My favorite WebApp to test for regular expressions is RegExr.

But this was not the question ;)

So, if you really need an app, take a look at RegExhibit from Roger Jolly. It's quite simple and gives you the ability to find, replace and split.

By the way, RegExhibit is free an open-source!

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You should check out iRegEx. It's the fastest, leanest, and it has the best UI. And it's the cheapest too. It only needs a decent icon… ;)

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