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I have a custom list view with an adview in it. I get a nullpointer error at atview.setVisibility()

    <com.google.ads.AdView android:id="@+id/adView"
            ads:adUnitId="my id"



        adview = (AdView) findViewById(R.id.adView);

what am i doing wrong?

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How do you set the ad unit in the ListView, like, is it a row in the list, or added as a header/footer?

If it is a row, then you should find the id of that row, extract the entire row in a separate view, and using this view find the reference to the AdView

With other words, assuming the AdView is always the first element in the list, you would do:

View row = listView.getChildAt(0);
AdView adview = (AdView)row.findViewById(R.id.adView);
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