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I need to access a SOAP webservice (written in .NET with MS SQL backend, FWIW) from several different platforms, so my common denominator is native C++. Is there a portable library for this or I should roll my own solution?

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To do SOAP in C++ you need both a networking and an XML/SOAP library. These aren't easy to find, especially if cross-platform is needed.

I would start from libcurl. There seems to be a SOAP example available.

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It's possible that using Java rather than C++ might actually be easier. Java does run in lots of places and has quite nice Web Service client libraries.

Is that worth a look?

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Unfortunately, that won't work :(. Some of my target platforms do not have much RAM to load the Java engine without disturbing other things. But that might be a good approach for some other folks. Thank you for your opinion! – Rom Aug 10 '09 at 16:23

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