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I'm trying to diff files, and determine if they are the same, but ignoring ALL whitespace. When using diff, the -b tells diff to ignore whitespace on a given line. The -B option tells it to ignore all blank lines. But, if you have a line which contains only spaces, the -B and -b don't seem to work together. I've resorted to using the -I option, where I want diff to ignore all lines which only contain whitespaces, which works fine when the line contains only spaces, but the \t doesn't seem to match tab characters. I found one reference online that mentioned that you need to use POSIX regexp, but POSIX states that :blank: will match any whitespace (including tab). That does not work either. Here's a sample of what I'm trying to do. Ideally, my diff line would state that t1.txt, t2.txt and t3.txt were all the same.

bash#> echo hi > t1.txt
bash#> echo hi > t2.txt
bash#> echo hi > t3.txt
bash#> echo " " >> t2.txt
bash#> echo -e "\t" >> t3.txt
bash#> diff -BbaNq -I "^[ \t]*$" t1.txt t2.txt
bash#> diff -BbaNq -I "^[ \t]*$" t1.txt t3.txt
Files t1.txt and t3.txt differ
bash#> diff -BbaNq -I "^[:blank:]*$" t1.txt t3.txt
Files t1.txt and t3.txt differ

Any help in what the syntax for diff would be would be very helpful.

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try this:

diff -wBt -u t1.txt t2.txt
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'-u' is irrelevant to your question, I just like unified format :) – Serge Sep 21 '12 at 22:42
No -- this doesn't work. It works for t2 (which has spaces), but not for t3, which has the tab.: – John Sep 24 '12 at 13:08
add 't' switch - it will expand tabs into spaces – Serge Sep 24 '12 at 13:36
I did a diff -wbBtq t1.txt t3.txt, and I'm still getting "Files t1.txt and t3.txt differ". It seems that there might be a bug in diff for this... – John Sep 25 '12 at 13:19
Strange, why I get no differences using diff -wBt or diff -wbBtq between these two files. diff --version diff (GNU diffutils) 3.2 – Serge Sep 25 '12 at 14:57

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