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I'm trying to create a charge with stripe. I get the following error when attempting to create order object, but I have set attr_accessor :stripe_card_token. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

ActiveModel::MassAssignmentSecurity::Error in OrdersController#create
Can't mass-assign protected attributes: stripe_card_token

OrdersController - Create action

def create
@order = current_cart.build_order(params[:order])
@order.ip_address = request.remote_ip
@order.user_id =

respond_to do |format|
  if @order.save_with_payment

    session[:cart_id] = nil

    format.html { render :action => "success", :notice => 'Thank you for your order.' }
    format.xml { render :xml => @order, :status => :created, :location => @order }

    format.html { render :action => "new" }
    format.xml { render :xml => @order.errors,
    :status => :unprocessable_entity }


class Order < ActiveRecord::Base
  # PAYMENT_TYPES = [ "visa", "master card", "Amex", "Discover" ] Controll the payment options via Model
  attr_accessible :first_name, :last_name, :ip_address, :cart_id, :house_id
  attr_accessor :stripe_card_token

  belongs_to :user
  belongs_to :house
  belongs_to :cart

  has_many :transactions, :class_name => "OrderTransaction"
  has_many :line_items, :dependent => :destroy

  validates :house_id, presence: true
  validates :cart_id, presence: true

  def price_in_cents 

  def add_line_items_from_cart(cart)
    cart.line_items.each do |item|
      item.cart_id = nil
      line_items << item

  def save_with_payment
    if valid?
      Stripe::Charge.create(amount: price_in_cents, currency: "cad", description:, card: stripe_card_token)
      # self.stripe_order_token =
  rescue Stripe::InvalidRequestError => e
    logger.error "Stripe error while creating customer: #{e.message}"
    errors.add :base, "There was a problem with your credit card."

OrderView _Form

<%= f.error_notification %>
<%= f.error_messages %>
<%= f.hidden_field :stripe_card_token %>
<%= f.hidden_field :cart_id%>

<div class="form-inputs">
  <p><%#if user does not have a house Make a page (please order a home valuation first) %></p>
  <div class="contain">  
    <h3>Select House</h3>      
    <%= f.input :house_id, :as => :radio_buttons, :collection =>{|h| [h.address,]}%>        

  <%= f.input :first_name %>
  <%= f.input :last_name %>

  <div class="field">
    <%= label_tag :card_number, "Credit Card Number" %>
    <%= text_field_tag :card_number, nil, name: nil %>
  <div class="field">
    <%= label_tag :card_code, "Security Code on Card (CVV)" %>
    <%= text_field_tag :card_code, nil, name: nil %>
  <div class="field">
    <%= label_tag :card_month, "Card Expiration" %>
    <%= select_month nil, {add_month_numbers: true}, {name: nil, id: "card_month"} %>
    <%= select_year nil, {start_year:, end_year:}, {name: nil, id: "card_year"} %>


  <div id="stripe_error">
    <noscript>JavaScript is not enabled and is required for this form. First enable it in your web browser settings.</noscript>

<div class="form-actions">
  <%= f.button :submit %>

jQuery ->

order =
  setupForm: ->
    $('#new_order').submit ->
      $('input[type=submit]').attr('disabled', true)
      if $('#card_number').length

  processCard: ->
    card =
      number: $('#card_number').val()
      cvc: $('#card_code').val()
      expMonth: $('#card_month').val()
      expYear: $('#card_year').val()
    Stripe.createToken(card, order.handleStripeResponse)

  handleStripeResponse: (status, response) ->
    if status == 200
      $('input[type=submit]').attr('disabled', false) 
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You still need to include :stripe_card_token under attr_accessible in your model

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Active record (the layer in your rails stack that provides an interface between your ruby code and your database) protects your database from unwanted end-user assignment using the attr_accessible method. if present in your model it makes sure that a request can't write to your database unless the attribute is listed.

You've got attr_accessible here but don't have :stripe_card_token listed, so you can't save to that field.

attr_accessible :first_name, :last_name, :ip_address, :cart_id, :house_id add , :stripe_card_token

You may have though the attr_accessor :stripe_card_token line would somehow be related, but that just sets the getter and setter methods for the attribute.

The difference is better laid out here In this question

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