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I want to execute this java script on load, but it doesn't seem to display the result after the browser loads.

    function displayNumber()

var card = document.getElementById('credit').value;

var str = "";
for(var i=1; i <= card.length-4; i++) {
   str += "*";

    ecard = str + card.substr(card.length-4);
    document.getElementById('output').innerHTML = ecard;


  <form id="myform">
   <input type="text" id="credit"  onLoad="displayNumber()" value="123456789012">

<label id="output"> </label>

The output should be

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You cannot use onload with an input. Instead, put window.onload = displayNumber; in your JavaScript. The other option is to add a body tag and use onload="displayNumber()"

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nice works like aa charm window onload –  telexper Sep 22 '12 at 0:02 –  telexper Sep 22 '12 at 0:06

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