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I am getting into Maven as a build tool and am trying to convert a whole lot of manual processes to something streamlined.

I have a web application that uses audio files that currently at deployment time, are run through a SoX tasK: to convert them to a desired sample rate and destination folder. (manual step using a .bat file)

Is there a plugin or simplified way of integrating the audio build component into the Maven build?

I have thought about using an Ant script embedded in, but not sure if this is the right direction to be heading.


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It is not difficult to create your own Maven plugin (Mojo). Take a look at the Mojo Developers Cookbook

[Edit ] I should also mention that you could run the .bat script using the Exec Maven Plugin as a less portable alternative. The exec plugin source code is also a good place to start were you to write your own SoX plugin.

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Ah I didn't think of writing a plugin, thank you for the link, I will look into it more – NathanS Sep 23 '12 at 23:52

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