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I have 2 models setup as follows:

class StripePlan < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_accessible :location, :name, :price, :plan_type
  has_many :stripe_subscriptions, :foreign_key=>:plan_id

class StripeSubscription < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_accessible :email, :plan_id, :stripe_customer_token, :teacher_id
  belongs_to :stripe_plan
  belongs_to :teacher

class Teacher < ActiveRecord::Base
   has_one :stripe_subscription, dependent: :destroy

I do something like the following at the rails console:

 @stripe_plan = StripePlan.find(params[:plan_id])
 @stripe_subscription = @stripe_plan.stripe_subscriptions.build(:teacher_id=>params[:teacher_id],:plan_id=>params[:plan_id],:email=>params[:email])

where params={:teacher_id=>1, :plan_id=>1, :email="example@example.com"}. Here you can assume a plan with id of 1 exists, as well as the teacher.

Now, @stripe_subscription.stripe_plan.nil? evaluates to true. But it shouldn't. Because if I had a model called "Subscription" and a model called "Plan" with the same setup, then @subscription.plan.nil? evaluates to false. This is puzzling and I've spent a couple of hours to try and figure it out. Have I found a bug or what am I doing wrong? Maybe part of the issue is the :foreign_key is :plan_id instead of :stripe_plan_id? I was getting another bug until I set the :foreign_key attribute in has_many.

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You have to do a @stripe_plan.save to save the item to DB. its still in memory. If you did a @stripe_plan.stripe_subscriptions you will still see it because its saved to the object @stripe_plan. until you save @string_plan it won't be in the DB.

You could also do
@stripe_subscription = @stripe_plan.stripe_subscriptions.create(:teacher_id=>params[:teacher_id],:plan_id=>params[:plan_id],:email=>params[:email])

which will create the item and save to the DB

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You shouldn't need to use :plan_id=>params[:plan_id] in build, since that would make use of stripe_plan's id.

The other thing you should do is look at the cosole. You might have missed out some attributes that you have not white-listed.

Check out Rails 3 -- Build not saving to database (Railscast 196), it seems like you've hit into a similiar issue.

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thanks you're right about not using :plan_id in build; On my console a StripeSubscription is created from the build. There's no mass-assignment error. it's just that I can't seem to traverse @stripe_subscription.stripe_plan via the association...I have the same has_many/belongs_to setup with 2 other models that works, the only thing different seems to be the model names...that's why this is puzzling and driving me slightly crazy :) – user1096557 Sep 22 '12 at 5:48

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