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so I have to create about 100 pages, all with twitter,facebook and google+ likes on top of each article. It's funny, I've read a few books on social media marketing yet this is my first actual implementation of it.

So it takes a Hell of a long time to go to each twitter, facebook and google+ account and get each custom code. And then there's the issue of styling them and making sure they align well and everything (Probably shouldn't take more than a minute though in CSS).

My question is, is it worth the hassle to manually put in the buttons? I don't actually understand how the like buttons work in particular. Don't I need their specific code to link to my site? Or does any generic javascript code with my URL do the trick? I noticed that there's a warning that the AddMe buttons don't work in IE6 or below. Are there any additional issues like speed that I should take into consideration?

-Thank you

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Add this will help you to make it done easily and please forget about IE6, it's already dead, anyway. – The Alpha Sep 22 '12 at 4:11

With addons like addthis you will be getting specific stats when you login to your addthis account (if you have one). It is quite easy to implement just do it once, it will add a javascript that does pretty much all the job for you.

If you're creating a page dynamically (like trhough PHP), you could include the base of the facebook / twitter/ google + embed code and simply add your own URL. Usually, if you compare 2 facebook like embed code, only the URL changes. Same goes for twitter.

But if you're pages are static, then manually entering 100 social embeds will be time consuming. Add This might be a better way to go.

As for the speed, I can't really answer that part. I'm guessing that Addthis would be slightly slower since they have to take in account all of the possibilities.

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So can you analyze data from facebook or twitter itself even if you use addthis or sharethis? And is it smarter to just sign up for Hootsuite anyways? I know Hootsuite is probably better for analytics but I'm not sure if they offer their own styling, though I imagine they should. – luckylouie Sep 22 '12 at 20:03

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