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I am validating my form with express-validator...if I have errors, what's the best way to stop the form from submitting and go back to the login page. This is what I have, which works, just looking for best way to handle this (not sure about the return statement).

exports.login.post = function(req, res){
  req.assert('username', 'Please enter username').notEmpty();
  req.assert('password', 'Please enter password').notEmpty();
  res.locals.errors = req.validationErrors(true);

  if ( res.locals.errors ) {
    var d = { title: 'Login' };
    res.render('login', { d: d });

 //do login here if no errors

I also do not know how to get at original values in form template (ejs).

I tried passing req.param in, but it is empty.

The err object only has those fields with errors, so if I enter username, but leave password blank, I only get password in err object, not username...so I need req.param.username, but when I pass { q: req.param} and use <%= inspect(q) %> it is empty.

update: req.body gives me the original post parameters to pre-populate the form. so you need err stack and req.body stack to have a good experience.

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This is what I do

function validateForm(req,res,next){
req.assert('username', 'Invalid Username').notEmpty().isAlpha();
req.assert('password', 'Invalid Password').notEmpty().isAlpha();

var errors = req.validationErrors();
if (errors) {
var    original_values = {
username : req.param('username'),
password : req.param('password')
res.render('login',{errorMsg:errors,original:original_values,title:"Login error"})
else next()
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ok, that's pretty much what i'm doing too. –  chovy Sep 22 '12 at 10:02
Ok, sorry I didn't read that you want to pass original values. Updated the answer –  Hitesh Joshi Sep 22 '12 at 10:08
this answer is selected answer. I didn't reject it. –  chovy Sep 23 '12 at 22:22

What I suggest doing is using something like flashify to set a flash notification and redirect the request back to the view.

So you can do something like:

if ( res.locals.errors ) 
  res.flash('error','bad username/password');
  req.session.formData = req.body;

Then inside the view, you just check if flash.error exists, and output the message if it does, then: <%= flash.error %> :)

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still need the original request object though to pre-populate the form when an error is encountered. –  chovy Sep 22 '12 at 6:14
You can do that as well. req.session.formData = req.body before the res.redirect –  Brendan Scarvell Sep 22 '12 at 6:28

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