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I am trying out the new razor view stuff in service stack, and I have this view:

@inherits ServiceStack.Razor.ViewPage<ServiceStackRazorCrud.Api.UserPageResourceResponse>
    var m = Model;  // <-- I have a breakpoint in this line.
    var req = Request; 
    var res = Response;

When I set a breakpoints and run the application (console application) I can see that the view is compiled but the debugger does not break when I request the view in the browser. I assume that this is because the views are compiled dynamically at application start or something like that. Is it possible somehow to get the breakpoints to work?

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Would be really good to get some feedback on this question. It seem to be a bit of a black art at the moment. –  Bigtoe Dec 5 '12 at 9:30

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AFAIK it's not possible to debug views this way (currently using 3.9.43, later version I believe has better diagnostics for compilation errors).

Try and keep view code simple, restricted to simple loops/rendering and using extension methods on DTO's for any complex logic/processing, which do allow debugging. You might also consider utilizing logging, or a simple Debug extension method:

using ServiceStack.Html;
public static class HtmlHelperExtensions
    public static bool IsDebug(this HtmlHelper htmlHelper)
    #if DEBUG
        return true;
        return false;

@using ServiceStack.Text
@inherits ServiceStack.Razor.ViewPage<ServiceStackRazorCrud.Api.UserPageResourceResponse>
    var m = Model;  

@if (this.Html.IsDebug())
    <div class="debug">@(this.Model == null ? "m == null" : Model.Dump())</div>
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