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Scala Punctuation (aka symbols, operators)

What is the purpose of -> and <- operators in scala? And is there any useful document that explaing the various operators used in scala - I seem to to be getting confused too much, too often :)

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To search for Scala symbols such as "->" in Stack Overflow, you can use symbolhound.com. To search Scala documentation, you can use scalex.org. –  oluies Sep 22 '12 at 9:43

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The two operators are very different.

The -> operator is used to make a Tuple2.

scala> 1 -> 2
res0: (Int, Int) = (1,2)

The <- is used in for-statements to mean something like "in". So the following means, for each x in someList, print x:

for(x <- someList) println(x)
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