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I need match a word in English text that appears 2 times in the text. I tried

(^|\ )([^\ ][^\b]*\b).*\ \2\b

but this doesn't match all lines.

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There are a few problems with your regex. For example, \b word boundaries cannot be used in a character class, so [^\b]* will not work as intended.

You probably want something like


This will match the entire text from the first occurrence of the word to the last. This might not be what you actually intended.

Another idea:


This will match only the text from the first occurrence of the word to the next.

The problem with both these approaches is that for example in a text like

foo bar bar foo

the regex will match from foo to foo, blindly ignoring that there is a duplicate bar in-between.

So if you actually want to find all words that occur in duplicate, then use



(?s)       # Allow the dot to match newlines
\b(\w+)\b  # Match an entire word
(?=        # Assert that the following regex can be matched from here:
 .*?       #  Any number of characters
 \b\1\b    #  followed by the word that was previously captured
)          # End of lookahead
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thanks I needed only this \b(\w+)\b.*\b\1\b but thanks –  kabell Sep 22 '12 at 20:14

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